Thursday, January 8, 2009


EATZI.! Located at East Point Mall, Simei. Sis wanted to give me a treat since she just got her me, not wanting to let the opportunity slip, chose Eatzi to dine in. The atmosphere is similar to Pizza Hut, just that it is less crowded.

From the menu itself, there's so many things to order. Really2 alot to choose from. We took a long time to decide. So, finally decided on...

Chicken Baked Rice A La King (served with rice)

Chicken Pramagiana

We also ordered our drinks. Since they have variety to choose from, we ordered something new. I ordered Ice chocolate (which is served like a float with a single scoop chocolate ice cream) and my sis ordered the Blue Spider Ice Cream soda.

As a start before our orders came, they served us with glasses of ice water each and a basket of garlic bread.

Garlic Bread

As for the desert, I ordered chocolate cake. Sooooo nice! Highly recommended, especially for chocolate lovers!

Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce

As for my lovely sis, she ordered Peach melba. 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, layered with peach and strawberry sauce. To garnish it, they put 2 sticks of pokey. Haha. :)

Peach Melba

And the best thing is that, Student Meal offered is so cheap. With $6.50, you can get a main course with coke/sprite, choice of your soup of the day, & double scoop of ice-cream. Isn't that worth it.? :)

Overall, we had a great time dining in there. next time I shall dine in there again for sure!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fig & Olive Cafe

I was on my way to Plaza Singapura from Bugis MRT to meet a friend. Since it was early, I intended to drop by my sister's workplace - Fig & Olive Cafe, located at Bencoolen Street. She work there as a part time waitress, and hence decided to treat me lunch at her place.
Here goes! =D

Nice ambience. A very relaxing place to dine in. =)

So, since i wanna get a quickbite, I thought of eating something which is not that filling. Decided to order BBQ CHICKEN KEBAB. Well, the kebab is actually quite a big serving.! Haha

AND...Not forgetting my personal favourite appetizer to go with..

Criss-cut fries..YUMMY.!

As I came here alone, so I couldn't order much. But looking over the menu, there's hell lots to choose from.! Here are some of the great foods served over there. I sure had a hard time choosing over a good dish. Hehe.! Besides that, promotional items for set dinner and lunch are also available. Also, kids & student meal at only $9.90 including drink. A student card can also be purchased, whereby you can comeby to dine in next time with a discount of 15% of any ala-carte order. Not bad isn't it?

And oh! I didnt have any drinks except for the ice water because they serve me with my favourite....


Overall i'm truely satisfy with the food. Sure to bring my friends along to enjoy the food there.
Till then!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ernie's. Located at basement of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. Went here for the first time, & I totally have no idea that there are many shops there. Haha. And there's a shop that sells brownies..the smell itself is seriously tempting.! :P

Anyway, back to the Ernie's...

Decided to give it a try & dine in here. There are student, lunch, as well as dinner special dish offered (but within the specific time allocated). Some of the food they serves are such as kebab, arrabiatta pasta, ayam penyet set, mee rebus, mee soto, fish & chips, etc. Though most of the food sold here can be found at normal hawker centres, but the atmosphere of the place makes you feel comfortable when eating. Its not crowded at all..

Some of the food we ordered:

Chicken Chop

Chicken Bolognese Pasta

Chendol :)

Overall, no regrets trying this place. Delicious food & nice ambience. But sadly, didn't manage to finish up the pasta, not because of the taste, but because of the huge serving they give.! Its really really filling for the stomach. Hehe. Till then, do give it a try ya. :)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dallas Restaurant

Dallas Chicken & Ribs. Located at Upper Cross Street, near Chinatown MRT. As there is only one outlet, some are unaware of the existence of this restaurant. The layout of the place is very simple.

Similar to KFC fast food restaurant, Dallas also provide you with meals such as 2pcs chicken, chicken fillet burger, all at a reasonable price. I personally prefer the chicken served here, compared to KFC. Maybe the spices they use are different, as I find the chicken delicious and irresistable.! It is different compared to KFC.

2pcs Chicken
2pcs Spicy Chicken

6pcs Chicken Nuggets ($3.00)
Went here with my sister. Bought 2 set of the chicken, plus 6pcs nuggets, and it cost us only $14.40. Which means that each meal is around $5.70 (exclusive of the nuggets, though). I guess that it is worth it, as the taste will give satisfaction for your stomach.! =)

Though the location is kind of isolated, Dallas provides a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for you to dine in with friends especially, where you can relax and hangout together. Buffet is also provided from 3pm to 6pm, $12 per person.

Would like to share with you guys a blog I came across while browsing the net. I like the way he share his opinions on the food, and also on the service he experienced while dining in there. With adequate information given, it will make it more convenient for the readers.

*Note: Website on blogroll.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tepak Sireh

Arab Street, one of the attractions in Singapore. Surely, looking for a nice place to dine in is what we will look for next, after a tiring day shopping there.

Here's one of a suitable place.!

Went here with family to celebrate my parents' anniversary. As buffet is only served for lunch, we just ordered ala carte and mango pudding as dessert to go along with. Here are the main dishes we had.

Nasi Kuning Ayam Black Pepper

Ice Chocolate Blended (so delicious, seriously.! ) =)

With great food and ambience to dine in, you'll surely not regret choosing this restaurant as a place to dine with family and friends.
Do check out more onthe website listed.

Okay, so i came across a blog, similarly the experience eating at Tepak Sireh Restaurant. What I like about the blog is that, the blogger actually commented on the food, the location and price. I have to agree with her that the food is simply delicious. With the pictures of the interior space, it somewhat shows that the atmosphere is great. Besides that, the blogger also talk abit on where it is located, and with reasonable prices she shared with readers, I'm sure readers will want to give it a try. Do check out her blog ya.!

*Note: Refer to blogroll to visit the blog

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Mad Jack

SINGAPORE, a country well-known for its variety of food range. However, HALAL feast is never easy to hunt for especially in Singapore. Therefore i would like to go around and look for interesting places that muslims can actually dine in with absolute satisfaction!

So here goes!

Mad Jack cafe is more to self-service kind. Unlike other cafes/restaurant, you'll have to write down what are your orders, and pay first before eating. No service charge inclusive though. Went here with cousins and sister, and I have to say that the food is satisfying enough for the tummy. =) Get to know about this cafe from internet and a few friends. Pictures of the food are below..!

Beef Blue Mountain Burger (known as tallest burger in town) =)

Grilled Chicken With Black Pepper sauce

Chicken Baked Rice

Do find out more about this cafe.!!

Here's a blog I came across, where the blogger actually went to eat at Mad Jack Cafe located at Bukit Timah Road. Personally, I feel that the blog is good, as she shared her opinions on the services provided, and also on the food that she ate. The pictures posted are also appealing to the readers, which will make them feel like giving it a try to eat there.
*Note: The link is provided at the blogroll, so feel free to visit the blog.!

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